What to expect at your chiropractic visit

Considering visiting a chiropractor? Steps from the Roadmap to Care are outlined below to help you know what to expect from your first visit and beyond. 

1. History

Before treatment begins, your chiropractor will ask you about your health history and any concerns you have. 

2. Examination

Your chiropractor will explain what examinations, tests, and procedures will be performed, and will explain anything that you don't understand. You are welcome and encouraged to ask questions about any aspect of your care.

3. Reporting

After your examination is complete, your chiropractor will explain their findings and provide their best diagnosis, available treatment options, and other expectations. Your chiropractor may refer you to another health care providers to help facilitate your care. You are welcome and encouraged to ask questions about any aspect of your care. 

4. Informed consent

Once you understand the treatment plan, benefits and risks, and have been able to ask any questions you have, you will be asked to provide your consent to care. At any stage of your treatment where new, different, or alternative care is being proposed, your chiropractor will have another conversation about these changes, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, and then you will be asked again to consent to care. 

5. Visit notes

As part of ongoing treatment, chiropractors are required to document your treatment and care. These notes are written by your chiropractor based on your interactions. These notes are kept private and secure. As the patient, you may request a copy be made available to you or any other appropriate health care provider.