Courtesy register

Registration on the Courtesy Register is available to chiropractors currently registered in another jurisdiction requiring temporary entry to Alberta for the following purposes:

  • Visiting instructor
    • Providing chiropractic instruction or demonstration involving direct patient contact
    • This application must be attached to a CC application
  • Visiting clinician 
    • Providing professional services directly to the public 
      • At a sporting event (chiropractors travelling with a group (e.g. sports team) and providing services specific to the participants of that event

Criteria to meet to be registered on the courtesy register

Character and reputation

Are of good character and reputation. There is no past or present behaviour or conduct that would put the Alberta public at risk. Evidence is collected by self-declarations, Criminal Record Check, regulatory history, and civil judgments.

Liability insurance 

Proof of PLP with $5/$5 Million coverage is current. 

Forms and instructions

You are ready to apply to be registered when:

You are actively licensed in another province in jurisdiction and are coming to Alberta to instruct or provide temporary service to a defined group of the public. 

Apply to be registered

To apply to be registered you must submit a completed application form with the required documents including fees. There are two types of documents. Those you submit directly to the ACAC and those that you arrange another party to send directly to the ACAC. Use the checklist to ensure all required documents are submitted.

Documents you send directly to the ACAC

  • Notarized Application. The form you submit to start the Registration Process. (read the instructions before completing).
  • Identification. Notarized photo to confirm your identity
  • Fees (fee assessment will be provided to the email address on your application).

You may send notarized application, notarized photos and eligible documents via courier, registered mail, regular mail or deliver them in-person

Take a few minutes to review your application and supporting documents to ensure they are complete and legible before submitting. Having to resubmit documents will substantially delay the application process. 

Documents sent by others to the ACAC

  • Character and reputation for courtesy license where public care will be provided:
    • Criminal Record Check completed by Sterling Talent Solutions ( from every country you have lived for 90+ days within 10 years of this application or dating back to your 18th birthday. A Criminal Record Check is valid for 90 days from date of issue.  
    • Regulatory History form from each jurisdiction where you were registered, licensed or practiced as a regulated professional (e.g., nurse, acupuncturist, teacher) for the last 10 years to confirm your registration status and conduct history. A Regulatory History is valid for 90 days from date of issue.

What to expect after you apply

  • An email within 5 business days of receipt with access to our members' centre
  • An email within 5 business days of fee payment with instructions for juriprudence exam
  • Registration documents will be processed within 5 days from the date they are received. 
Registration documents and emails from all applicants and members are placed in a queue and dealt with in the order they are received. This includes criminal record checks, jurisprudence module results, and Regulatory report histories and resubmitted documents. We try to deal with them in 5 business days. However, processing may take longer when there is a high volume.

Application files are typically assessed by staff, however, the Registrar may refer any matter to the Registration Committee to consider and this will delay the application progress.

What to expect when the ACAC determines your application file is complete

  • Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we are able to approve your application in 5 business days once all registration requirements have been cleared/met.

Costs and timelines

Fees paid to the ACAC

Collected at time of application, based on date of registration and for a practice permit to the end of the current registration year (June 30, annually). 

  • Application fee: $50
  • Criminal record check: For visiting clinicians only (required for all jurisdictions you have lived in in the prior 5 years). 
    • Canada: $29 + tax 
    • United States: $31 + tax (will also have state and county fees)
    • Other countries: Country order form 
Note: These are estimates only and can vary depending on circumstances, e.g., number of searches within a country, complexity of search, local fees, delay in processing.

Fees paid to another party

  • Regulatory report history: At discretion of prior regulator
  • Liability insurance: At discretion of PLP provider 


  • PLP: At discretion of PLP provider
  • Criminal record check  
    • Canada: Approximately 2 business days if cleared on name search
    • United States: Varies by state and county
  • Supporting documents: Ten business days for ACAC to review (includes CRC, JP exam, resubmitted results)
  • Decision on complete file: 5 business days 

Liability insurance

The amount of coverage your must have is $5 million per occurrence/patient and $5 million minimum for the policy year.

Personal information

Use of member personal information (as per ACAC Administrative Policy 3.4(a))
The ACAC retains member personal information to conduct organizational business, including but not limited to:
  • maintain a complete record of membership in the ACAC;
  • maintain individual and collective communication with members and respond to their enquiries;
  • collect and manage member dues and assessments;
  • provide information to the public; communicate about issues of interest and concern to our membership (newsletters, Council communiques, member notices, etc.); 
  • recruit volunteers;
  • contact members to assist in association activities (e.g. media interviews, presentations, tradeshows);
  • contact members as subject matter experts; and
  • provide information to government and to the public as set out in the Health Professions Act.
Disclosure of applicant/member information
The ACAC share member personal information for the purposes of activating and maintaining your practice permit, including but not limited to:
  • the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA)
  • the Canadian Chiropractic Protection Association (CCPA)
  • insurance providers
  • Telus Health
  • Alberta Blue Cross
  • Alberta Health
  • Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) 
Disclosure of social media and websites
The ACAC actively monitors and enforces an advertising directive. Successful applicants will be required to provide to the ACAC the URL’s for social media accounts and websites attached to their practice or professional profile. Successful applicants will provide this information through the member center portal within the first ten business days of practice.

Applicants may also be deferred, refused, or conditions imposed if it is in the best interest of the public. Decisions or actions taken by the ACAC can be reviewed by the Provincial Ombudsman in accordance with the Ombudsman Act.