Annual Membership Renewal will open May 1, 2020. The Health Professions Act requires that all members renew their practice permit annually. Here’s what you need to know to ensure you are able to renew your registration by the June 30, 2020 deadline.

If you do not plan to renew your permit, you must change your status to non-practicing. File: change status to non-practicing Letting your practice permit lapse without changing your status will make you a member not in good standing and will complicate your licensure in any other jurisdiction and in Alberta if you choose to reactivate at a later date.

Summary of all requirements

The following renewal obligations as per AP 1.5 Annual Membership Renewal, AP 2.2 Standard First Aid with CPR-C with AED, and AP 2.5 Continuing Competence Credits must be met by June 30 with any additional supporting material required by June 20 to consider the renewal process complete:

    • Submission of required CC credits file: cc credit requirements 
    • Submission of your mandatory standard first aid with CPR-C certification 
    • Payment of all invoices on your account
    • Completion of online renewal forms
    • Payment of annual membership dues (view this year’s membership fees and dues below)
    • Confirmation of professional liability protection (if not with the CCPA)
    • Registration information related to any other professional registrations you hold in Alberta and in other jurisdictions
    • Letter of standing if licensed in another regulated jurisdiction
    • Any information and documentation about findings of guilt or current proceedings
    • Conduct history including documentation from other colleges
    • Criminal history or civil claims information, if any
If you do not meet requirements by June 30 you will be assessed a $400 late fee. As per Bylaw 9.2 Applications for Practice Permit Renewal, you will be granted five additional business days to submit any outstanding requirements and to pay the late fee.  If requirements are not received within the five business days, your practice permit will immediately be suspended. You cannot treat patients without a valid practice permit. All renewal obligations, including payment of the $400 late fee and a $300 reactivation fee, will be required to reactivate your practice permit.

You are encouraged to complete the renewal process sooner rather than later this year as requirements have changed.

ACAC staff are here between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday to Friday to help you with questions related to renewal.

How to renew

For a step-by-step outline of how to complete your membership renewal, download the membership renewal process checklist

If you do not plan to renew your permit, you must change your status to non-practising. For more information on how to change your member status to non-practising, senior or researcher status, continue to changing member status

Tips for successful renewal

Renew early to avoid unexpected delays and complete your renewal on time.

Technical specifications

For the best user experience, online renewal should be completed using a desktop or laptop computer. The College does not recommend using a tablet or smartphone to renew.

The most current version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are supported. Please note that older versions may not provide optimal user experience.

The College is not responsible for technology issues beyond its control.

Fees and dues for renewal

   Currently first year
 renewing as second year
 Currently second or third year
 renewing as third year
 Currently senior
 renewing as senior 
 ACAC dues   $2,430.35 $3,044.60  $2,430.35 
 Research $100  $100  $100 
 CMCC $75  $100  $75 
  $2,605.35  $3,244.60  $2,605.35