Alberta’s chiropractors: 1,000 members strong

Alberta’s chiropractors: 1,000 members strong


With 90 years of chiropractic regulation in Alberta, Alberta’s chiropractors are very proud to announce we have licensed our 1,000th member.

“From the first chiropractors in Lethbridge in the early 1910s to our 1,000 members today, Alberta’s chiropractors are committed to providing quality care,” says Dr. Clark Mills, president of the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors (ACAC). “There are just that many more of us out there helping Albertans every day.”

Chiropractic has a long and proud history of self-regulation and participation in Alberta’s health care system. In 1923, Alberta’s Chiropractic Act, the first in Canada, saw the first 32 chiropractors licensed. As early as 1924, injured workers sought chiropractic care as part of the Workers’ Compensation Board. And today, Alberta is recognized for the highest global chiropractic utilization rate.

This strong history has seen more than half of Albertans visiting a chiropractor, with close to one million seeking chiropractic care each year. In 2012, current Alberta patients reported a 93 per cent satisfaction with chiropractic services.

“Obviously Albertans see great value in chiropractic care and they make Alberta a great place to practice. We are so very honoured to celebrate this milestone for the chiropractic profession,” says Dr. Mills.

“As a trusted health care profession, we are passionate about helping Albertans lead healthier, more active lives. The chiropractic profession continues to grow, offering Albertans a viable health care option.”