BREAKING NEWS: Government Proposes Chiropractic Funding For Seniors

BREAKING NEWS: government proposes chiropractic funding for seniors


Funding support for chiropractic services for seniors has been announced as part of the Government of Alberta’s proposed 2012/13 budget. This is a definite win for Albertans as all Albertans deserve a choice of accessible and effective health care options.

Chiropractic care for seniors supports their desire to lead healthy and independent lives. The decision to discontinue public funding for chiropractic services in 2009 had a particularly hard-hitting effect on seniors, particularly low-income seniors, as they often have minimal if any extended health care coverage, putting access to health care options such as chiropractic out of reach.

The provision of chiropractic funding support for seniors was part of Premier Redford’s PC leadership campaign platform. On behalf of our patients, we are appreciative of Premier Redford, the Minister of Health and Wellness, and the Government of Alberta for commitment to choice for Albertans in their efforts to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The provincial budget will be sent for approval in the coming weeks, at which time details of this funding support will become available. The ACAC will continue to update Albertans as information becomes available.