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At this time, we would like to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic and being a double-duty caregiver has impacted their family caregiving and work experiences.  Double-duty caregivers are family caregivers who are employed in the healthcare field while also providing care to a family member, chosen family, friend, or neighbor without pay.  In our 2021 survey of the impacts of COVID-19 on Alberta family caregivers,  there were many comments about the greater impact of the double-duty caregiver roles. 

Would you help us to let double-duty caregivers know about the survey? It is delivered on the secure REDCap survey platform. The survey is anonymous.  If participants provide their email or name for contact to participate in an interview or to receive results of the survey, that identifying information cannot be connected to the survey data.  The study has been approved by the University of Alberta  Health Research Ethics Board Pro00117700. The survey will be open until June 8, 2022. The survey can also be accessed using this live link HERE.

Survey Link

Survey Research on Double Duty Caregivers  

A Double-duty caregiver is a  healthcare provider who also provides care outside of work to a family member, chosen family or friend who is ill, disabled, or frail. Juggling care at work and at home can be very stressful. Dr. Jasneet Parmar, Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta, and her research want to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic and double-duty caregiving has impacted Canadian HealthCare Providers’ caregiving and work experiences. 

We think that Double Duty Caregiving in  COVID-19 may have had a significant impact on double duty caregivers’ health and wellbeing.   A small mixed-methods study involved a  survey for employers (n=29) and interviews with Double-duty caregivers (n=16) found that health care providers who work in healthcare and care for an ill, frail, or disabled family member, chosen family, or friend at home without pay:  

  1. are experiencing an increased care load, working greater hours, and have increased fears of safety, resulting in physical and emotional strain.  
  1. are unable to access support networks and services that supported their care tasks due to COVID-19. Reduced support contributes to Double Duty caregivers’ high care load, stress, and burnout. Link to Research Brief  

Dr.  Parmar and her team are inviting all Canadian Health providers who are also family caregivers to complete a survey on the secure REDCap survey platform. It will take you about 20 minutes to complete. The link to the survey is 

Dr Parmar and her tam are using validated scales, Double Duty Caregiving Scale, DeJong-Gierveld Loneliness Scale,  and The Six-Item State Anxiety Scale (a validated short-form of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory) which will allow them to compare results of this study after 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic and pre-pandemic results on the same scales. The study has been approved by the University of Alberta Health Research Ethics Board Study Number: Pro00117700 

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Dr. Sharon Anderson [email protected] or text to 780-953-5541 


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