Chiropractic Association of Alberta

The Chiropractic Association of Alberta

As a member-based Association, our goals are simple. We want to enable world class care for spinal, muscle, nerve and joint conditions; expand scope and utilization; all while optimizing practice life and adding value to patients.

Our Vision: Promoting access to comprehensive expert care to all Albertans; and enhancing integration of chiropractors into the continuum of care within Alberta’s health professions and patient care.

Our Purpose: Alberta Chiropractors have a duty to diagnose, and a commitment to care.

Our How:The Chiropractic Association of Alberta will be fearless in the pursuit of chiropractic care as an integral part of primary
healthcare. We will promote and advocate to patients, government, healthcare professionals and insurers on the imperative healthcare role of chiropractors.

Core Values
As an Association we strive to be:
• Professional
• Accountable
• Innovative
• Transparent
• Visionary
• Trustworthy
• Respectful
To us these aren’t just words on