MAP to MOTION is recruiting patients with shoulder pain

MAP to MOTION is a groundbreaking initiative from the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute. It addresses the growing burden of bone and joint conditions affecting people of all ages. Traditional healthcare often lacks essential data, and patients are left with uncertainty about treatment options and outcomes.

MAP to MOTION is looking to change the game by empowering individuals to take control of their health. It offers an innovative platform with tools that enhance shared decision-making and long-term health monitoring. The program bridges the information gap, benefiting patients, care providers, and researchers. By collecting anonymized data, it supports international research and predictive analytics. The goal is to prevent and treat bone and joint conditions more effectively, reducing the economic burden and improving the quality of life for countless individuals.

Currently, MAP to MOTION is looking to recruit patients with shoulder problems to sign up for the program. Eventually it will include many others who have problems like knee pain, back pain, or specific diseases like osteoporosis or arthritis. 

If you have patients with shoulder problems, please consider sending them to to register for free.