Back Health Beyond the Classroom

Back health beyond the classroom


Whether you’re preparing your child for the new school year or you yourself are heading back to the classroom, there are some things you should keep in mind about two everyday items every student uses; backpacks and handheld devices.

Backpacks and messenger bags have often been at the centre of student health conversations since they can easily contribute to injuries. Carrying an overweight backpack unevenly or improperly can result in a number of different issues, including poor posture, joint pain, muscle strain and headaches.

And, while handheld devices have only joined the conversation on student health recently, they have just as significant an impact on spinal health. It’s estimated that for every inch forward that you crane your neck, an additional 10 pounds of pressure is being applied to your neck. That adds up fast and can harm your spine in several ways, from hunched shoulders to poor posture and headaches.

As spinal and musculoskeletal system experts, chiropractors are acutely aware of how damaging this can be, especially on young, developing bodies.

Here are two information-packed infographics, full of chiropractor-approved ways you can plan ahead and respond to school demands through creating healthy lifelong habits.

Pack it Light, Wear it Right

Tech Neck

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