Chiropractic care helps Alberta’s rodeo athletes preform at their championship best

Chiropractic care helps Alberta’s rodeo athletes preform at their championship best

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Rodeo is one of the most physically demanding things you can put your body through, and unsurprisingly, comes with a lot of risk. Rodeo athlete Matt Lait spent much of his adult life competing in bareback rodeo competitions, where he experienced first-hand the risk and reward of competing.

Matt shares his story of how chiropractic care, along with integrated health-care support, kept him pain-free and ready to compete day after day, rodeo after rodeo.

Injury prevention and treatment

Our bodies experience regular wear and tear. This is especially true for athletes. Chiropractic care can help prevent ablation from turning into significant injuries by maintaining mobility or restoring function to problem areas. 

Bronc rider Matt is no stranger to injuries to his legs, hips, and back. “By visiting my chiropractor weekly, it cut down on the number of injuries I got and kept me from experiencing anything more significant.” 

When asked about his most significant injury, Matt says, “I’ll never forget it. It was a Sunday evening, and the biggest rodeo of the year was taking place Wednesday night. I went to point to the computer screen and fell to the ground and couldn’t get up. My wife called the chiropractor and I shuffled into his office the next morning. He proceeded to adjust me that morning, night, Tuesday morning, and then one last time Wednesday morning. Over the course of three days, I went from being unable to walk to winning the championship.”

Chiropractic care beyond the stadium

For Matt, chiropractic care didn’t end with rodeo—it became an integral part of his life beyond competing. “I’m still pretty active—riding horses, ranching, participating in auctions, so it’s important for me to still be functioning properly.”

Although he no longer has standing weekly appointments, Matt still visits his chiropractor for regular maintenance care. Still leading a very active lifestyle, chiropractic care helps him prevent injuries from repetitive movements and keeps him fully mobile. He says, “depending on the week, maybe certain parts of my back are locked up. By seeing my chiropractor regularly, I remain pain-free and prevent injuries before they occur, which means I can continue working and doing what I love.”

Maintenance care benefits everyone, athlete or not

Maintenance care, regular visits with your chiropractor, can help and address problem areas like limited mobility or soreness, before they turn into full-blown injuries. 

Matt says, “Rodeo taught me how to listen to my body. I now pay attention to the signs and know when I need to stretch, rest, and see my chiropractor. Whether athlete or not—you can begin to recognize where you lack mobility or experience pain. You realize how it impacts every aspect of your life—your sleep, getting up in the morning, bending over, everything you do.”

Whether your day involves competing in rodeo or just a trip to the grocery store, listen to your body. Pay attention to where you have limited mobility, pain, or soreness.