Dr. Craig Russell celebrates 25-year milestone


In this blog series, we recognize the CAA 2022 long service award recipients. Learn more about them and the words of wisdom they have to offer.

Initially working as an x-ray technologist, Dr. Craig Russell thought there were other ways he could help people. He wanted to expand his role in healthcare and toyed with the idea of becoming a physiotherapist. After shadowing another chiropractor, he quickly changed course and began his studies in Portland, Oregon to become a chiropractor.

Dr. Russell says that when he first started working 25 years ago, chiropractic care was almost on the fringe of healthcare. Today, it is much more  mainstream and accepted. His patients are now seeking chiropractic care first for whatever injuries or maladies they have.

Dr. Russell lives in Edmonton, where his clinic, Active Chiropractic focuses on family, and sports-related injuries.

What advice do you have for students entering or advancing the career as a chiropractor?

Learn from everything you do. In whatever you do, if it does not work, try something different and learn from it. Basically, learn from your mistakes and lock in your experiences, failures and triumphs.

What do you like most about your job?

I love interacting with patients, and especially like their feedback. At the College, I was told I would not see a lot of frozen shoulder injuries, but in practice, I quickly became the “frozen shoulder guy.” I get a real charge over treating frozen shoulders as after one or two treatments patients say wow, this is just amazing. The severity of their pain is gone, and they see an increase in their range of motion.  

Do you have a favourite saying or inspirational quote?

If you try your hardest and give your best effort, you are more likely to succeed. I try to instill that in myself and my kids.