Member Feature: Dr. Baxter Hickey


In this blog series, we feature a member of the Chiropractic Association of Alberta each month.

Dr. Baxter Hickey has been a chiropractor for five years and is currently practicing at Encompass Sports Therapy in South Calgary. In addition to his practice, Dr. Hickey enjoys educating up and coming chiropractors for the Canadian Chiropractic Board exams through his business, The Chiropractic Tutor.

Why was joining the Association important to you?

It is important for me to be part an Association that advocates for its members with solution-based processes, like the efforts by the Association to ensure chiropractors can order publicly funded diagnostic imaging. It is valuable to see words translate to action and the direct benefits to us as members.

What advice would you provide to students entering or advancing their career as a chiropractor?

My advice for advancing your career as a chiropractor is to get involved with in-person continuing education. This is the best way to meet other people, learn different techniques and create a community. This community can help to inspire you in your practice life and enhance your patient care as you continue to grow your skillset.

What is your hope for chiropractors of the future?

My hope is that we continue to elevate the high quality of care provided to our patients. I also hope that we continue to research and expand our knowledge base and create a deeper understanding of our impact.

What do you most enjoy about the chiropractic profession?

Chiropractic is a very rewarding career. It means a lot to build relationships with families in the community and be a part of their health care team.  

I also enjoy educating chiropractic students to help them prepare for the Canadian Chiropractic Board exams. I formed a business called The Chiropractic Tutor, to provide private personalized tutoring for those who are looking to write the exams and require assistance. This program has encouraged me to keep my knowledge relevant while helping the new generation of chiropractors succeed.