Member Feature: Dr. Mecca Fayad


In this blog series, we feature a member of the Chiropractic Association of Alberta.

Dr. Fayad is the owner and clinic director at Form Health, where she works as a practicing chiropractor. For Dr. Fayad, being a chiropractor is not just a nine-to-five job, it connects her to a network, offers different paths such as a being business owner and a community pillar, and is everchanging. Dr. Mecca Fayad has been a practicing chiropractor for nine years and values the different paths Chiropractic has connected her to.

Why was joining the association important to you?

The community and the connection that I get to experience as being part of the Association is quite invaluable. I appreciate the vested efforts that the Association takes to connect chiropractors and represent our profession in such a positive and evidence-based light.

What advice would you provide to students entering or advancing their career as a chiropractor?

It is helpful if you can find a mentor who has been in the practice for longer than you to lean on, because it can be lonely when you're first starting out in practice. Establish a network that you can ask questions to, knowing you’ll get an informed answer. Get involved in the community in any way that you can.

What's your hope for chiropractors of the future?

We're in a really great position to make some incredible differences in the industry, and I would like chiropractors to be seen as the primary healthcare providers for musculoskeletal pain and pain management and become more integrated into the multidisciplinary community.

What do you most enjoy about the chiropractic profession?

It is really important for me to not only provide excellent chiropractic care, but to give back to the community we serve. Form Health is always striving to give back, and we've been involved in a variety of community events. A notable one was when we organized a donation-based boxing class at Champs Boxing Studio. The event was fighting for Women's Health and all the funds raised were donated to the Lois Hole Women's Hospital.