Oh My Aching Head

Oh my aching head!


Headaches affect most of us at one point or another in our lives. But did you know that there is no normal headache? They are all a sign of something being not quite right with our bodies.

So what are the common types of headaches and what can we do about them?

Sinus headaches

Spring brings out all kinds of dusts that wreak havoc for allergy sufferers. Hay fever is a common cause of what’s known as the sinus headache. These headaches are typically characterised by pain above and below the eyesin a Zorro-mask type of patternand usually require an allergy medication to lessen the pressure and pain.

Tension headaches

“Between 80 and 90 per cent of the headaches patients experience are tension-type,” says Dr. Brian Gushaty, an Edmonton chiropractor. “A tension headache typically starts at the base of the skull and wraps to the front over the eyes, affecting both sides evenly.”

Relaxation and breathing exercises can help ease your body’s overall tension and reduce if not eliminate these headaches. Ensuring an ergonomic work and home environment can also go a long way to keeping your body relaxed.


Migraine headaches are less common but can be very debilitating. They also deserve the attention they receive – one headache can put your life on hold for a few hours or several days. Migraines are responsible for more job absenteeism and disrupted family life than any other headache type.

To maintain optimal health and reduce the likelihood of being struck down by a headache, ensure you get adequate rest, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and see your chiropractor. Chiropractors are experts in back, neck and head pain and can help alleviate headaches by addressing musculoskeletal issues arising from stress on the body, back posture or even the ergonomics of your workstation.

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